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Expert Mastermind Excursions? Most adult men have lost their sense of adventure. When we say lost, we don’t necessarily mean lost for good, we just mean something needs to happen for it to be discovered again. But there is a chance that if something doesn’t happen soon, due to the sands of time, that desire for adventure could be lost…for good!

This is the exact vision for Expert Mastermind Excursions!

So many men get caught up in climbing the ladder to success, making money, paying the bills, being a good husband, father and member of the community, that they lose their adventuresome spirit. In many cases, when proper steps aren’t taken, this leads to men acting out in a way that is contrary to the way they had originally planned to live their lives. In many cases it leads to a lack of focus on the job, and even worse, with their kids and their spouse. In worst-case scenarios it leads to losing a job or a business, marital infidelity, divorce and estranged from their kids and other loved ones. We've all seen it happen to some of the best of those around us.

Expert Mastermind Excursions will give men an opportunity to take a break from the daily grind, meet and hang out with other great guys while engaging in cool “bucket list” type activities! Not as if that isn’t enough, they will also get to participate in mastermind discussions and close out the incredible trip with a secret charity component. So basically, take a cool trip, engage in some exhilarating activities, meet and mastermind with other like-minded men and be reminded of those less fortunate! Sounds pretty sweet, doesn't it? Now you can see why this concept has been met with so much enthusiasm and excitement!

If any of this is strikes a chord for you or might be a perfect idea for another man you know, enter your name and email in the boxes at the top of the page to be notified of upcoming Expert Mastermind Excursions AND call 1.888.404.3468.

Possibilities of future trips...
  • Skip Barber type Racing Courses
  • Special Forces Training Course
  • Super Bike Course
  • Dude Ranch (a la City Slickers)

Ever since his college days, the visionary for these trips, R.J. Lowery, has had a love for travel and adventure. His journeys have taken him through most of the United States and a number of other countries. In most cases, he was also seeking some sort of unique experience to commemorate these excursions. Some examples of his journeys are as follows…

  • Class 5 white water rafting on the Colorado River
  • Climbing the pyramids of Chichen Itza
  • Hiking and flying over Angel Falls in Venezuela
  • Skiing the back bowls of Vail on opening day
  • Exploring the ruins in Rome, Italy
  • Para-Sailing in Cancun
  • Missions trip to the most impoverished part of Buenos Aries, Argentina
  • Jet-skiing in Playa del Carmen
  • Extreme photography of rutting Bull Moose in Banff, Canada
  • ATV riding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
  • Swimming with stingrays in the Bahamas
  • Touring the Wineries of Chile
  • Sailing on the San Francisco Bay
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