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FACT: Most Men Dress Horribly - This Free Video Reveals the Top 5 Fashion Blunders Made by Men

Do people perceive you the way you want them to?

R.J. Lowery, the founder and CIO (Chief Image Officer) of Your Expert Image, reveals the blunders that rob you of credibility and confidence and shares his dress secrets for becoming more attractive and powerfully perceived by others!

  • Learn why you're probably wearing the wrong clothes for your body type!
  • Learn why most people wear the wrong things for the wrong occasions and stand out like a sore thumb!
  • Learn one of the TOP REASONS you don't get the RESPECT you deserve in the work place!
  • Learn why some outfits you put together are absolutely NOT WORKING for you!
  • R.J. will teach you 5 classic fashion secrets that NEVER go out of style!

Just avoiding these fashion mistakes has helped thousands of high-performing men gain an "Image Edge" over their competitors and co-workers in the fields of business, law, politics, medicine, non profits, education and professional sports. Others have spent THOUSANDS of dollars with R.J. to learn these secrets for dressing to attract success.

As a top producing image consultant in the custom clothing industry (top 1% in the world), R.J. has helped thousands of men reach greater levels of success in ALL areas of their lives...by helping them understand the POWER of their personal presence.

Do others see you the way you want them to see you? This video will help make sure your image represents the best of you and will take your "personal brand" to the next level, starting right now!

Just remember, you never get a second chance, to make a first impression!

If you want access to the free 20 minute video enter your name and email in the boxes above!

FREE video reveals how to avoid the fashion pitfalls that cost you THE job, THE lady and the RESPECT you deserve. Enter your name and your email to get FREE access RIGHT NOW!


If you are interested in having R.J. come to your home for a full day "Extreme Wardrobe Makeover Experience" you may call 1.888.404.3468 for more details.

Here is what some of R.J.'s clients over the years have said about him:

"For over 15 years, R.J. (has) served me with the utmost professionalism, personal attention, and highest quality clothing and accessories for business and casual wear. R.J. is the consummate professional, and he is a valued friend. He is an excellent haberdasher who loves his work and values his clients. He has my highest recommendation." Paul L.H. Olson, Board Director and Executive Advisor at Liaison Technologies

"R.J. is very professional and knowledgeable about men's fashion/attire. He has excellent interpersonal skills, and is responsive. He is passionate at what he does, and is highly motivated to help his clients dress for success." Dave Dodge, Owner, Scioto Partners, LLC

"I met R.J. through two, well dressed, executives who recommended him highly. I have found him to be, not only an expert in his field, but he has a passion for life and a desire to impact others lives. I, too, highly recommend his services." Jeff Brown, President, J.S. Brown Company 

"R.J. is an expert at what he does because of his knowledge, passion and business acumen. I have always been satisfied with his recommendations, his integrity, and especially his commitment to customer satisfaction." Bill Fountos, Sales Director, SmartOps

"R.J. is a great example of what having a haberdasher is all about! As someone who travels and is very busy, he has made my clothes buying experience seamless, and as guy - painless. I continue to get compliments on my suits, shirts and ties, no matter where I go. He knows his stuff and has the track record to prove it. When it comes to clothes - he is my go-to-guy. If you want look great vs. just good, R.J. is the best value you will find." Scott Boyer, Business Development, Accelerated Benefits

"I've been working with R.J. for years now. Coming from a colorblind guy who has a hard enough time putting together a pair of shorts & a shirt...professional wear was always intimidating and as a result, I always kept things very conservative, until I met R.J. He's helped me "make over" my closet into something that I can be proud of. I've continued to use R.J. throughout his/my career, have referred numerous clients, colleagues, friends, and relatives to him, and will continue to do so for the rest of my life..." Adam Koos, CFP, President - Libertas Wealth Management Group, Inc.

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