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"R.J. is a brilliant communicator who passionately pursues excellence, He is an outstanding speaker who engages the audience with respect, honesty and intentionality. R.J. is the man of choice for any conference or personal coaching needs... If you have a dream for yourself, R.J. will help you reach that dream.. I HIGHLY recommend R.J. Lowery..."
Brent Salyers, Executive Pastor, Capital City Church


Over the last 25 years, R.J. Lowery has inspired thousands of people to intentionally live fuller, more meaningful lives. You can’t listen to him for long without walking away saying, “I can do it!” That “it” can mean a myriad of things as he has spoken before non-profits, groups of entrepreneurs, sports teams, and from small businesses all the way up to billion dollar corporations. Some of those organizations include Bank of America, Cardinal Health, Merrill Lynch, Paychex, Northwestern Mutual, and The Ohio University Sales Centre. 

R.J. has a unique ability to serve his audiences with a wide range of topics because of the colorful and exciting life that he has lead.  As a legendary top performer in both direct sales and direct sales leadership, the current economic times have made his ability to motivate others to "get results...now" a very hot topic! With his most recent move into the internet marketing space, small business owners can't get enough of his online marketing strategies! Finally, his example of loyalty to his faith, marriage and previous employer (all over 20 years) is a poignant message that is missing in today's society.

R.J.'s topics and presentations include:

+ Get Results NOW! (Direct Sales Success)

+ Get Your Business or Non-Profit Found Online...NOW! (Internet Marketing)

+ Cultivating a PASSION 4 Change! (Embracing Change and Action)

+ You Never Get a 2nd Chance to Make a 1st Impression! (Personal and Professional Image)

+ MAKE it a Great Day! (Attitude and Results)

+ 2nd Half! (Vision and Legacy)

R.J.'s full bio is posted on our homepage.

Book R.J. now by calling 1.888.404.3468.

R.J. travels from Columbus, Ohio USA. His corporate keynote fee is a minimum of $5,000 within Ohio, $10,000 for travel within North America and $25,000 international.  


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See recommendations of R.J.'s skills as a communicator from past clients, employees and partners:

"Whether it's CEO's, lawyers, laborers, or college students, R.J. can effectively communicate and build a connection with anyone who is eager and willing to 'raise their game'. Hire R.J. - you make the investment, he'll show you the R.O.I." Dan Jenkins

"I have had the pleasure of working with R.J. through our mutual interest in developing future leaders. R.J. brings creativity and energy to the board of Ohio University's Sales Centre. His presentations on building a wardrobe that helped students feel and act with that "Expert Edge" were a huge hit. He shared not only his image expertise but also the experience that has enabled him to assemble winning sales teams. R.J. provided coaching and internships that became gateways for launching outstanding sales careers for many students. R.J. is as comfortable in the boardroom as he is in the classroom or delivering a keynote." Ray Taylor, Business Development Director,  BI WORLDWIDE

"I've known R.J. for years and have come to use his insights and vast sales experience to model my own approach to business and sales. His commitment to excellence is contagious as is his energy, drive, and focus." Joseph Scopelite, Account Manager, SunSource Mobile Hyderaulics

"When I had the great fortune to work with R.J.   I was always impressed with his ability to inspire others that he came in contact with on a daily basis. R.J. is not just happy having succeeded in his chosen profession, but also in helping others succeed by challenging them to be better and seek a sense of fulfillment in life whether personally or professionally."   Kevin Hyle, Business Account Manager, Marketing,  ASIST Translation Services Inc.

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