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Packages are fully customizable and range from the Bronze program of 2 hours/month to the Platinum package of 8 hours/month.

The smaller programs are for the newer small business owners, with typically less than three team members, who want to facilitate growth by developing the necessary sales, leadership, marketing, and operational systems. Or, for seasoned entrepreneurs who are looking for fresh, unique, board-level advisory services.

Our most intensive and feature rich coaching programs are designed for high performing entrepreneurs focused on major performance improvements in their operations. R.J. will demand the highest levels of performance from you and your team. Expanding operations, launching new products, transitioning leadership, moving towards franchising? Then these programs are for you. 

Some clients want a customized program more geared towards personal growth. This type of coaching is also available and the 7 categories used in the assessment of personal growth (not in any particular order of importance) are as follows:

  • Physical~Financial~Business~Lifestyle~Mental~Spiritual~Family
R.J. will then draw upon his 25 years as a top producing sales leader to formulate a fluid, customized plan to help the individual or business move to the next levels of productivity, profitability and pleasure! 

R.J.'s EXPERT EDGE GROUP COACHING (EEGC) sessions are dynamic and inspirational experiences that are held twice a month for 2 hours of strategic business and life training. This group is set up for anyone who is looking to take their business and personal life to the next level. EEGC is filled with many small business owners, salespeople, business development professionals, leaders, and other entrepreneurs who are looking for personal development, best practice sharing and networking. Below is a list of some of the activities that are included...

  • Personal Development
  • Internet Marketing
  • Book reviews
  • Best practice sharing
  • Accountability
  • Recognition
  • Team Building
  • Networking
  • Expert Guest Speakers

VIP memberships will soon be available and will include the following benefits.

  • Private lunch with R.J. and other VIP's after each EEGC meeting (we will enjoy some of the best restaurants Columbus has to offer!)
  • Preferred access and pricing to R.J.'s seminars
  • Preferred access and pricing for R.J.'s products
  • 30 minutes of private coaching by phone monthly


If you are interested in more information on Expert Edge Group, or Private Coaching, enter your name and email above and call 888.404.3468 for details.

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Here are some reviews from R.J.'s past clients, employees and partners:

“R.J. is a truly one of a kind individual. He has a way of making a positive impact on all those he comes across. His strong spirit, passion & enthusiasm for making the world a better place are truly contagious. There are numerous things that I learned from R.J. during our time together, both on a professional & personal level...things that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. His coaching & teaching style is unique, & usually quite entertaining...yet also very impactful.” Rob Koch, Director of Marketing, Scioto Community

"I have known R.J. for more than 20 years. He has always been an inspiring and committed friend. No matter where he is or what has happened to me, he comes through with insightful and resourceful answers. I have drawn many times from R.J.'s experience in leadership, life and his faith." Eric Bylaw, Chief Pilot, Lane Aviation Corporation

"R.J. was a huge influence in my career at Tom James. He was very inspirational and a great coach. R.J. makes a great impression and taught me how to consult with my clients. He is a great person of influence." Dash Yost, Executive Clothier, Tom James Company

"I have had the pleasure of working with R.J. for several years. His personal service and interest in my satisfaction is always paramount. He has a passion for service to others, and is very interested in their success. He consistently and effortlessly practices brotherhood and stewardship." Philip Ikehorn, Tiger Woods Foundation

"He is very easy to work with and extremely accommodating of his customers' busy schedules. His word is his bond, and he delivers what he promises. I have recommended him to friends and colleagues for years and will continue to do so." C. Craig Woods, Partner, Squire Sanders & Dempsey LLP

"R.J. has an incredible passion for life, and it funnels into everything he does. He believes in what he does and in its intrinsic value. He knows that he is improving his clients' professional standing and it fuels him daily. It shows in his relationship with his family. He loves his wife and children and brings the same zeal and enthusiasm to it as he does his work. That is a rare quality. He leads (men) with example and passion, urging them to live at a higher level personally and as a husband or father. It has left an indelible impression upon their lives. R.J. is a man of integrity. His zeal for life is contagious. His determination to help and assist will only improve those who interact with him. He has my highest recommendation." Matt Anderson, Founder & President, Monumental Ministries

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