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Would you like to build more TRUST and ATTRACT more clients and partners? Have you ever been turned down for business, and you can’t figure out why? Would you like to skyrocket your communication and networking skills? How about elevating your leadership abilities? Have you ever considered the IMAGE you convey may not be consistent with the MESSAGE you’re trying to send? If you answered YES to any of the above questions…enter your name and email on the right!

R.J. will address all of these questions

AND MORE in his next Small Business Breakthrough seminar!

Build Your Brand, Your Business and Your Bank Account

Learn the principles R.J. adhered to, to lead his direct sales organization to sell over $60,000,000 in sales!

He will teach you the same thought processes and strategies that have helped him to succeed AND to have his BEST SALES YEAR EVER in 2010 (selling LUXURY ITEMS in THE WORST ECONOMIC TIMES since the Great Depression!!)

Not only will this exciting event be an incredible learning experience but also a fantastic networking opportunity with 3 strategic “meet and greet” breaks!

Enter your name and email in the box at the top for 2 free videos to help you thrive in today's economy and for more information on his upcoming seminars!


When learning and growing, we are all motivated in different ways. The most common ways of retaining information are…

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Watching
  • Writing

However, when one participates in a well thought out, well-executed Seminar, they have the opportunity to engage in ALL FOUR forms, plus a FIFTH! That bonus style is what is called “experiential” learning.

This term experiential is what defines a seminar that R.J. Lowery plans and hosts. It’s not another boring seminar that you just sit and daze; take some notes that you will never look at, while waiting for the next break! R.J.’s events always involve incredible people coming together to learn great content that they can walk away with and execute immediately. While you are there, you will meet other “out of the box thinking” individuals that will help you grow and maybe even become life-long friends. All in a setting that is full of enthusiasm and encouragement that allows for tons of interaction and networking.

If you are interested in hearing more about R.J.’s upcoming seminars enter your name and email above. If you are interested in having R.J. come speak directly to your company or organization call 1.888.404.3468.

2 FREE Videos! Find out the one thing R.J. did every day during his most successful year ever! Also get R.J.'s 3 Transformational Truths, his 3 Core Components of Image, and more information on the BIZ. IMAGE 1.0 seminar!


Here are some reviews of R.J.'s ability to teach as shared by past clients, partners and employees:

 "R.J. is quite an asset to have as a friend and as a business consultant. In the business world he sticks with what works, Integrity, Serving Leadership and speaking the truth with compassion. We all need to hear the truth from time to time. R.J. is a breath of fresh air from the perspective he brings to our meetings. He reminds me with his actions of all the right disciplines in business."  Kip Morse, President and GM, Better Business Bureau of Central Ohio 

"After sitting in on R.J. Lowery's BIZ. IMAGE 1.0 I feel like I can get over the hump. I've been working from home, just makin' it and now I've been inspired to reach out for more. I've recently had offers in front of me and this has helped me make a decision and move forward in an area that I feel is more purposeful. Thanks RJ!" Jeaneen Eckhardt, Founder, Chloe Inc.

"When I think of R.J., I think of a highly skilled professional who has great passion and loves to share his skills and knowledge with each person whom he interacts with on a daily basis. R.J. loves life; lives life to the fullest and you can't help but be positively affected and changed. When I have participated in R.J.'s workshops, there was always pertinent information being discussed and shared. Whatever RJ puts his hand to, he does with his best effort and great attention to detail."  Troy Schmitt, PMP,Senior Project Manager - Corporate Real Estate, Planning, Design & Construction, AT&T 

"Leadership is not just about "doing things right" but about "doing the right thing". This idea is demonstrated in R.J. Lowery's artful ability to help develop the "WHOLE PERSON" through leadership training, character building, moral evaluation, networking, image and career coaching. If you are looking to leap ahead in your career and life - R.J.'s methods work!"  Michael Lemasters,Manager, Channel Strategic Marketing, Cardinal Health

"R.J. has an ability to engage people that few others can match. He can recruit and motivate people toward involvement and action with great success. He is passionate about those things in which he involves himself. R.J. is an asset to every organization and team of which he is a part of." Shane Hart, Lead Pastor, Capital City Church

"R.J.'s incredible desire to excel is only matched by his ability to adapt and try something new. Having worked directly with R.J. for over a year, I can safely say that he not only tries to improve himself everyday but also tries to help the people around him become the best versions of themselves. Though he is direct, his confidence should not be mistaken as cockiness, but rather the belief that everyday he will be better than the day before." Keith O'Brien, Center Manager, Hilti

"R.J. was a very influential person during my time with Tom James. His energy and charisma made him fun to be around, for both his clients and myself. He was heavily involved in my training during this time, and I learned a lot of sales techniques from R.J. that I utilize still today. He taught me tenacity during cold calling, both in phone and in person, along with closing techniques that greatly helped my ability to set appointments and secure new business. His drive and ambition is certainly admirable, but it was the relationships he cultivated with his clients that were truly unique. He puts his clients and their best interests in the forefront of every sales call, yet always managed to exceed his sales goal!" Laura Formica, Advertising Sales Manager, Apartment Guide

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